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Why to work with GRAPO?

We offer comprehensive services and products within the realm of large format advertising. Our expertise encompasses large-scale digital UV printing, the creation of billboards and banners, and direct UV printing on board materials. Additionally, we specialize in the production and delivery of various Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale (POS) advertising products, along with the fabrication of vehicle wraps. With proficiency in signmaking and illuminated advertising, our capabilities span the entire process, including design, production, and installation.

Our clients

Large format UV printing

We currently operate three roll-to-roll UV printing machines and three flat-bed UV printing machines. This advanced machinery enables us to execute printing processes on a diverse range of materials, including both roll materials and flat surfaces of various types. We welcome the opportunity to print on materials provided by our clients, as our capabilities are tailored to accommodate a wide spectrum of requirements.

Roll-to-roll printers

  • VUTEk GS-5000 (printing for up to 5 meters in size and ulimited lenght)
  • VUTEk GS-3250 (printing for up to 3,2 meters in size and unlimited lenght, including the white colour)
  • CANON Océ Colorado 1640 (printing with up to 1 800 dpi and speeds reaching up to 159 m²/h)

Flat-bed printers

  • 3 x Effetec printers (for printing board materials up to 2 x 3 metres in one piece).

Benefits of UV printing with us

  • Versatile use of printing (roll, plate and atypical materials),
  • possibility of printing in roll widths up to 500 cm,
  • incredible speed and quality of printing,
  • high UV resistance,
  • 3-year guarantee of colour fastness,
  • ability to print materials up to 50 mm thick,
  • photorealistic resolution up to 1000 dpi,
  • almost instant delivery - UV printing does not need to dry.

Express printing

Need next-day printing or scanning? A banner for an event, POS advertising or scanning extra large format construction drawings? No problem, we can express production and express delivery.

We can print your desired motif on a variety of materials such as posters, photo paper, stickers, roll up banners, backlit films, in photorealistic resolution.Need to scan a large drawing or other document and wondering who can help you? Our Xerox can scan up to 300 dpi. So why think any further? We can easily handle your job. 

Benefits of express printing with us

  • Versatile use of printing and fast delivery,
  • large-format printing up to 106 cm wide,
  • photorealistic resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi,
  • incredible printing speed of 420 m²/hr,
  • printing of various materials: paper, sticker, backlit film, etc.,
  • scanning up to 300 dpi.

Advertising production

"We invent, produce and deliver anything in the field of advertising" is our motto, also in the field of advertising production. By advertising we mean anything that is designed to help you promote and sell. Get in touch, we can help you right from the idea and graphic design. 

Advertising in our concept is not only signs, but also various stands, panels, menuboxes or interior and exterior accessories that are guaranteed to attract attention.Our experienced production team is up to any challenge and has reliable helpers at hand: a 3D vacuum press, cutting plotters, a large pneumatic table for flawless application of PVC foils or technology for thermoforming and bending of Plexiglas. 

Benefits of a working with us

  • We have all the necessary technology and people "in house", so production and delivery times are short,
  • atypical and prototype production - so you can have an original,
  • experience with many types of material - metal, plastic, plexiglass, etc.,
  • experienced production team,
  • transport and installation is part of our service.

What we can produce

  • POP / POS advertising stands and stands,
  • illuminated logoboards and signs,
  • full vehicle or truck wraps,
  • original interior advertising signage,
  • complete signage for company headquarters including wayfinding system,
  • and much more!

Sublimation printing

Do you need an outdoor advertising tent with a print that lasts? Flag, banner or awning? A photo wallpaper for your shop interior? Jerseys for your cooperative? We will produce everything you need in photorealistic quality and with almost no limits.

Sublimation printing is a technology designed primarily for textile materials. However, in combination with digital large-format printing and continuous thermal printing, you can multiply the possibilities of use. We can produce high-quality, durable and photorealistic large-scale advertising or textile and clothing design. We also produce facade advertising, banners, advertising tents and canopies, awnings, flags, banners, and much more.

Of course, we also offer interior applications such as textile photo wallpapers, presentation and exhibition systems, image reproductions, curtains, tablecloths or sports jerseys. We are able to print all these materials and products in a maximum width of 300 cm.

Benefits of printing on textiles with us

  • Printing is extremely resistant to abrasion and chemicals,
  • printing up to 300 cm wide, water-repellent, non-staining and non-flammable,
  • special surface and depth treatment technology,
  • health and ecological safety,
  • products can be washed and dry-cleaned,
  • low weight and high strength of the materials used.

CNC milling and laser

Our 3D cutter and laser cutting products give your advertisement the right "depth" and shape. We mill and cut from any material, although most customers prefer lighter materials - plastic, plexiglass, aluminum or dibond (a plate composed of two thin sheets of aluminum between which a layer of solid plastic is thermally bonded).

CNC milling

Our 3D milling machine can machine materials up to a size of 200 x 300 cm and a depth of 10 cm. This allows us, for example, to cut plastic parts to the exact shape of your logo or to produce moulds for repeated advertising production on vacuum press.

Laser cutting

Our laser cuts and additionally engraves materials such as plexiglass or wood up to 2 cm thick. Laser cutting leaves clear edges, which is suitable for producing very fine contours with small details, for example, processing plexiglass into parts that are part of three-dimensional products.

Benefits of 3D cutting and milling with us

  • Technology for high precision production,
  • Milling up to 2 x 3 metres, depth up to 10 cm,
  • laser cutting of material up to 1.5 x 1.5 m (depth up to 2 cm),
  • delivery including installation and wiring,
  • can be connected to illuminated advertising and other technologies.

Illuminated advertising

Illuminated advertising is one of the most effective. Whether it's a light panel, a double-sided illuminated logo or 3D illuminated letters, it works for you day and night.

We have 30 years of experience in the field of illuminated advertising and we can make a customized illuminated advertisement for you in any design, colour or size. We produce illuminated logos, illuminated letters, illuminated signs, illuminated images, logoboards, Signtech boxes and many other types and types of customized signs.

Offered types of light advertising

  • illuminated logos of any size,
  • light panels - rectangular or atypical in shape
  • advertising light pylons,
  • light images,
  • 3D light letters,
  • signtech boxes,
  • light menuboards and projectors,
  • and anything else you want.

Installation and assembly

We will professionally install everything you have made by us, including the wiring of the light sources. We carry out installation of all our products, both outdoors and indoors. Small signs and banners, illuminated signs and logos on facades and large complex shop installations.

Our regular customers in this area are often retail chains, construction companies and small business owners. No job is too small or too big for us. We have a large team of core employees as well as time-tested subcontractors for installation technology and the necessary professions.


  • We realize atypicals from one piece,
  • we provide installations in all regions of the Czech Republic and abroad,
  • 30 years of experience in the field,
  • provision of necessary documentation.

Engineering production

The construction of advertising carriers is created by our skilled locksmiths directly in our premises. They have the technology to weld, bend, cut and machine metals such as iron, aluminium and stainless steel.

Thanks to this, we are able to quickly and efficiently create metal structures for a variety of indoor and outdoor advertising stands, supports, boxes, frames, flagpoles and also logos of gigantic dimensions that you know from department store buildings or corporate headquarters.

We will create unique products for you according to original designs and we can also handle the mass production of hundreds of metal parts for advertising in chain series. All this, of course, with our precision standards.

What we can produce

  • Atypical metal or aluminium structures of any size,
  • sales presentation stands,
  • 3D letters, signs and logos,
  • double-sided projections, attics or A-stands,

Samsung LFD panels

Attractive design, mobility, durability, ecological and economical operation - these are the requirements for contemporary indoor and outdoor advertising that Samsung LFD panels meet.

Samsung displays provide you with a gateway to the world of digital online advertising. It is Samsung's range of smart LCD displays that allow you to quickly and intuitively publish static and dynamic content anywhere you have access to the internet.

We provide support to install Magic Info control software with the displays, allowing you to control your entire fleet of displays easily and from anywhere.

In addition, GRAPO can manufacture stands or covers for the displays to fit your premises. Samsung displays can be used both indoors, behind shop windows and directly in outdoor use.

Interaction with other systems that you already have in operation can be solved directly by connecting with specialists from the Czech Samsung representation.

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